License, Abuse and Copyright

User license

Foods and Diets consists of a set of tools with which the nutritional value of food products, a diet, recipe or menu can be calculated. You can also calculate your BMI and BMR. Recording these data makes it possible to determine your weight loss progress.

Foods and Diets offers tools to find diets and coaches that can help you to achieve your weight goals. These tools can also be used in other applications.

Foods and Diets is a web application that allows you to use the tools from anywhere in the world.

This license gives the daily right of access to one user on a monthly basis. Fees will be monthly recurringly collected untill you end this payments.


It is not allowed to place offencive text, images or videos on the platform. It is forbidden to place malware or any other distructive content, which will be removed.


It is prohibited by law to copy the site or modify the data, translate, decrypt, otherwise modify or resell without prior written permission from the copyright owner. Content that breaks any copyright will be removed on a legal request by the legal owner.

No Contract

This is not a contract and you can cancel your membership at any time. There is no refund of payments.

If the software is misused in anyway, we will report this to the authorities and your account will be closed.